(NFR) sweet email I got back from PETA

Regarding PETA's "facts"

In a biostatistics course the professor began the first day's lecture with the following quote.

"There are three types of lies. 1) Lies. 2) Damn lies. 3) Statistics."

I now view all stats with a skeptical mind. Especially when my brother tells me about the 21" fish he caught out of the Yakima. I know they are there, but my brother certainly isn't catching them! ;)
Zen Piscator said:
That would be a golden opportunity for me to take a big ass crap on his pillow and say that I'm free to do what I please.

HAha.. I gotta give props to something that funny... good shyte.

I'd like to comment that as a dietary vegan, not all vegans and vegetarians support PETA and actually many of them find their propoganda repulsive. It never ceases to amaze me how PETA always gets in the middle of really weird animal rights lawsuits. Seriously, they never do anything productive, they are all about hype and the spotlight. I really believe that it is because they are so narcissitic in nature that they are just trying to find a way to be in the spotlight, to have a little attention paid to them.
Is the way factory farming done, morally wrong? I think much of it is. But it is a little difficult to make the stretch from what is going on with factory farming to saying that having our pets (which we love and care for) is wrong. PETA is not just about treating animals ethical, it is about total animal liberation. Total liberation, no pets, no testing for human benefit, total liberation. What a bunch of crap. Plus, their priorities are so out of balance. Shouldn't our whole lives be lived ethically, not just in one area? I believe we should treat other humans ethically, which includes a whole ton of stuff (economically, socially, etc.). I also believe that this created world around us should be treated ethically as well or else it won't be here for those after us.
steps down from soapbox

VEGAN against PETA

ps, this was just a rant....not designed to start any arguments or discussions. :)


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No argument here.

peta is a charity organization, themselves! they use these occasional shock and awe publicity stunts, to raise money to make their car and boat payments etc etc etc. i think they are a fraud, they know they are a fraud, and its all about making themselves money, i don't think they really believe most of what they say, its just a scheme to make money from the well intentioned weak minded. this reminds, me, when my Mom was renting her house to this peta leader, wayne john, she was able through a friend to view a couple bank account balances with info he provided in his rental application. appearantly he had a 6 figure account in both banks, but for some reason he only rented, and did not own property. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Mike McCluskey

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wboles3 said:
I went to the local PAWS agency recently and found it very ironic to see rat traps around its perimeter. And they weren't live catch traps. I guess some animals rank higher than others. Yes, I do know that rats spread disease. I just thought it was ironic.
Did you not read "Animal Farm"?

All Animals Are Created Equally; Some more than others.
So Blake, you seem like a sensible guy. Does the Vegan stance you take go against fishing?

Since his name came up, I've been doing some research on environmental policy and no one has matched the sweeping change that Nixon put forth. I wonder what he would say on the revamp of the Endangered Species Act.
Geeez! I've often heard of Peta, and even joked about them, but never really believed anybody could be that clouded! I did some quick searching on their website and have a looksee at what I found out about us anglers:

"Imagine reaching for an apple on a tree and having your hand suddenly impaled by a metal hook that drags you—the whole weight of your body pulling on that one hand—out of the air and into an atmosphere in which you cannot breathe. This is what fish experience when they are hooked for “sport.”

Many people grow up fishing without ever considering the terror and suffering that fish endure when they’re impaled by a hook and pulled out of the water. Recreational anglers rarely stop to contemplate that fish are complex and intelligent individuals. In fact, if anglers treated cats, dogs, cows, or pigs the way they treat fish, they would be thrown in prison on charges of cruelty to animals.

Why not let fish enjoy the beautiful day, too, by leaving your fishing gear at home? Click here for more ways to help fish."

Well guys, this is it, turn or burn!!!
I could add many coments to the quote I made, but will make just one about dogs or cats being treated like we treat fish: I don't need to put food on a hook to get my pets to come to me, i just need to call there name with that certain "tone" in my voice!
It's interesting to watch the links between various organizations...PETA, ELF, even the Sierra Club has folks, chapters, who subscribe to the PETA philosophy.

That's why it's important to screen what you read, see, hear before buying into the party line.

ht75, are you referring to catch and release fishing or whacking the fish? I don't have a problem with people that eat meat. I just have different convictions than they do and the fact is, I'm not going to maliciously force my convictions on them. I would expect they would refrain from doing the same.
Don't mis-read me, I'm not vegan because I think animals are cute and cuddley! ;) But I think we need to rethink how we do things. When we perform capital punishment we don't let the person suffer upon hours. We also have decided that the person that is a lifer in jail deserves some comforts because of the sheer fact that they are a human being (I think they probably have a little too many 'comforts' though). I think with animals we need to reconsider how we treat them. Example, injecting chickens with hormones so they are so massively huge (Arnold style), they can't even stand up because their legs can't support their weight. Like a couple people I saw a Chinese restaurant last week!! Anyways, a lot of people are now eating free range, feed fed (instead of blood and meat) chickens that are hormone free. I'm fine with people whacking off their heads for food. Having chickens that eat normal food, what they are supposed to eat, with no hormones is for one a whole lot healthier for those that eat them. Two, that is more like a normal chickens life. They get to walk around and peck crap off the ground. This is the stuff my mom buys. I don't get it because it is really expensive and I know (and enjoy) how to get all of my nutrition from an animal free diet.
Okay, I really strayed from the original question about fishing. My answer: I fish a lot. I use flies not bait. I release the fish. I tie flies with feathers that came from birds and I'm okay with that. I know Whiting farms runs a great facility. The animals are raised in a clean and appropriate environment. I tie flies with other furs, hair, hides, etc. and I'm okay with it. Heck, I sell fly tying materials for a job! I'm supporting the killing of animals, oh no! ;)
There is a difference between raising a cow for food having it grazing in a field compared to having the beast hooked up to a machine, getting pumped with hormones, being feed chicken and cattle blood and ground up parts with its head locked between two metal bars for its entire life.
I hope I was clear in what I was trying to share. I don't have a problem with people eating animals, I just disagree with the way we sometimes go about raising and killing them. I would compare the working conditions of sweatshops in 3rd world countries during the 80's and 90's (and some now) with what is going on now with how our food is "raised."

ps. I kill spiders in my house when I see them. I squish ants too! I even own a leather belt! I'm mainly Vegan for all the health benefits.

Okay, and one last joke to close..... What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground Beef! :rofl: