(NFR) We are moving

Well, I didn't plan to buy a house this weekend, but it happened. My wife and I bought our first house yesterday. We are now officially moving to the Tri-Cities. I will be shipping out again in about 8 days for another 6 weeks on a tugboat, then we will be moving. I still can't believe it.


josh :beer2:

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Good to see your coming over to the dry side. We will have to go hit some carp waters around the Tri-Cities, it should be heating up right about the time you move.



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Awesome Josh, thats sweet. Home ownership is the name of the game. I made 80 large in equity this year alone. twice what I made at my slave job. I'm thinking about getting another house soon too, again, its best way to make money I know. Congrats bro, hey, remember when you pants Mr. yard at the Cowlitz, way funny! ptyd anyway, when your on the tug, and nothing is going on, go to the bow and scream at the top of your lungs: "I'm king of the world!!!" seriously, its cool, you'll feel special. :ray1:

YT :cool:

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I'm waiting right now to hear back from my real estate agent as to whether my offer was accepted on a house. I should know by 5pm... the anticipation is killing me! :beer1: