NFR: WFF on a Mac?

Ed Call

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I'm about to destroy my long time faithful but now unreliable dell with a hand sledge. I have been contemplating replacing it with a Mac. I've never touched a Mac but I'm up for an adventure in change. Since I only care about a few internet sites, most notably can those Mac users put at ease any questions about WFF on a Mac? My world at work is all PC based, always has been and over the years I've been intrigued about all this apple stuff. (No, I don't have an ipod, ipad or ianything) Thanks for your input via PM, not looking for any bashing of one company over another but your response is entirely up to you.


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i just switched the other way. pc to mac. about a week ago. i'm surprised at how similar they have become. i haven't touched a mac in years and it's a lot like windows now. so far so good.

Rick Todd

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I use a Mac at home and a Windows 7 machine at work. I have no issues with either one, but I got tired of replacing my pc's every few years when they got bogged down with stuff on them. My Mac is 3 years old and fast as ever. It is nice to not even need an anti-virus program and I like the clean lines of the iMac with all the guts in the screen and bluetooth connections with internet, keyboard, mouse and printer-really cleans up my office! I would go for a Mac without reservation. BTW-I use Firefox for my web browser on both computers and Thunderbird for my e-mail program on both as well. No problems with WFF. Rick


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This is where all sit down and have an intervention. After you buy a Mac, you'll start shaving your back, eating veggie burgers, and listening to Diana Ross.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with Diana Ross...her stuff is classic.

Maybe I shouldn't have started with that--however, I've only used a Mac, and I have no problems. In the 20+ years, I've yet to hit a snag with a virus. I have no problems with websites of any kind as a rule as long as I keep software updated, and that can be a weekly reminder on your Mac.
i can go either way. I never used mac till i met my wife, after doing so i kinda prefer mac to pc just because they're a little more fun. For work purposes i would stay with a pc (as long as its not running vista).

Dan Nelson

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Hey Ed,

Quick answer: You'll have no problem viewing ANY websites/online links on your new Mac.

I've used Macs since 1985, and Windows since the 1995 edition. Windows has done a fair job of replicating the Mac workspace. But the Mac OS10 series is built on a Unix platform that is fair more stable and crash-resistant the Microsoft's base platform. Also, worth noting that -- when comparing similar hardware -- Macs are actually cheaper than Windows-based machines (based on a 2009 PC Magazine study). Sure, you can buy cheap WIndows boxes, but if you get hardware of equal quality, speed, performance, etc., you'll spend more to get your Windows set up.

Best of all, if you find you need/want to still use Windows, you can do that on a Mac. I currently have Windows XP running in a secondary window on my Mac desktop (need Windows to run Access database, which doesn't have a Mac interface -- one of the few software applications that is NOT available in windows). And my brother, a networking consultant of considerable experience (his hourly rate is more than my daily income, I think -- Clients include Cisco, HP, and even Microsoft) says he runs Windows 7 on a 4-year MacBook Pro and he's NEVER seen Windows run so fast, or so cleanly. Basically, Apple hardware configuration maximizes the performance of the Intel chipsets.


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Ed. I bought a new iMac about 1-1/2 years ago or more now. I LOVE it! I'll never go back! Absolutely no troubles whatsoever. Troublefree for me. I convinced my friend about 6 months ago to get one and he was really uptight about getting one and did alot of hesitation. He now thanks me and is thrilled with it's performance. Once ya get Mac, you'll never go back. My Son is in the Peace Corps and he has a MacBook Pro and loves it also. They had a $100 off sale last week....!
Basically, Apple hardware configuration maximizes the performance of the Intel chipsets.
While this all is pretty accurate; fact is that most people don't need the best of the best, fastest thing on the market for casual home use. I do a LOT with my modest Windows machine, and did a LOT with my cheap windows machine before this one (the last one lasted me several years with zero issues). You can spend the money on the highest performance components (Mac) and maybe use a small fraction of what its capable of. Or you can get a more practical machine for a more modest price (most Windows boxes).

Windows 7 is light years ahead of previous Windows versions. I think it has really leveled the playing field as far as stability and security. At the end of the day, they both do the same job. I used Macs for over a decade and loved them. But after I had no more use for them in my professional life (owned a recording studio), I went back to Windows full time and have been very happy with that decision. My household has been Mac free for a year now, and haven't missed them for a second.


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I've been in IT for about 12 years now (I don't think that qualifies me as an expert, but i'm no noobie when it comes to computers, as I'm sure there are a ton of experts on this board :) and I could go into all the horror storries about both products, but I'll spare you the technical lingo. It boils down to what exactly you do with the machine. Both machines are going to slow down if you don't take care of them. I look at computers like cars, if you don't do the updates and keep the system somewhat clean you're going to have problems. Apple products are great because the software is very intuitive, but for me the price is what I have a problem with. Price is the main reason I've been exclusively using PC's. Both procducts do the exact same things and one is much cheaper. I have a big problem refering people to Mac, If all people are going to do is do some internet surfing and minimal processing a PC that's sub $600 will do that job completely fine as will a $1200 IMac (cheapest imac available from apple.) I'm not saying that going out and buying a really cheap off brand PC is a good idea i'm just saying that for half the price you can buy and IMac you can get a really nice PC. And as a System builder it's a no brainer for me. My $.02 and spend it how you'd like.


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I use both for work. I love the mac because it is more of a stable operating system. The PC locks up a lot even after I get it serviced. I like the PC because most things are PC related and some are not mac compatable.


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Ed - get a cheap ass laptop with windows7. It's fast and way better than any windows before it. Super stable and quick.

Get a mac if you're into the looks of the machine. They're great computers, my wife loves hers. But, they just aren't worth the extra cash unless you're suuuuuuper into Macs. If you are - go for it.

But, if you just want to surf the internet, check email, and get some basic work done, there's no reason to pay so much extra for that sassed up aluminum box.