(NFR) What do you do for a living?

Willie Bodger

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DBA and SQL/ASP developer. Currently self-employed (good hours, benefits are tough), soon to be a regular employee (same company I've been contracting for), should get to keep the same hours. When it's slow I fish, when it's not I dream about fishing. ;)



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I'm an architect in Bellingham that is a wanna be tahitian beach comber. Actually my plan is to renovate my home so that in my "early retirement" years I boot the "future kids" out and turn it into a B&B. I figure my weekends would be shot, but the weekdays would be open...and fishing is the best during the week when nobody but your subconsience is with you!

F-Y-I = I'll whore my services towards zipper lipped fishing holes or bird hunting land! :)

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I'm a freelance illustrator/graphic designer. I do things like draw cute little pictures for children's books and similar projects. I get to manage my own schedule for the most part, so the freedom is great. The problem is that it's all too tempting to put off work and spend too much time doing things like fishing and hunting, and when I don't work, I don't get paid, and my wife gets mad because there's no grocery money. Prior to this I worked in a cubicle for 17 years, and hope I don't have to go back to that any time soon. Hats off to all you guys who have and continue to serve our country- military and public servicemen.


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Retired from the U.S.C.G. last year as a Chief Machinery Tech. Trying to be an amateur naturalist and devoting my time to important environmental issues.
IT Information Technology Manager for a large company based out of the Seattle area. Work way too much but living minutes from the Cedar and south Fork of the Sno make life bearable.

Been a gear chucker most of my fishing life and recently got back into tossing flies again. Enjoy it immensely, especially now that my youngest son is out there with me.



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Accountant...soon to be Certified Public Accountant, passed exam currently working towards licensing work requirements.
Tax season is a killer (no fishing at all for 3-4 months) but time off during off season is nice.

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have worked for costco in yak 15 years now great hours 3:00am to 11:30am, tons of freedom and guide for a outfitter on the yak and klick. fish all i want but sleep very little :eek:


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Retired USAF. I used to fly on those big ole grey airplanes, (with over 7500 flight hours) flying out of a base south of Tacoma.

I intend to be "on the road" for 6 months next year, and go on a fly-fishing road trip.


Pastor of a small country church in Okanogan. Wish I could fish more...but I imagine we all do.
I'm a flight mechanic ("crew chief" in the other branches) in the Coast Guard. I fly in the HH-65 Dolphin out of Port Angeles. I love it. Been doing it for eight years now, and only have twelve to go until I can retire, and then have to go get a real job like tying, guiding or timber falling. I get to fish or hunt plenty often enough so I can't complain.

Man, that sub's gotta be rough. I have to deploy to a cutter every so often, but not so often to hinder anything.

Assistant Superintendent- 21 years in and 22 to to go bawling: Bummer of a state retirement system for educators. I'll be wearing a bib and a bladder bag before they finally take me out in a body bag :)
I work for a power tool company (drills, circular saws, and general construction tools). So, I travel alot, and mange my own schedule. Before I was married, I fished almost every day and kept rods in the car. Now, with work, wife and a child, I fish weekends and when I beg.
kodiaksalmon said:
I'm a flight mechanic ("crew chief" in the other branches) in the Coast Guard. I fly in the HH-65 Dolphin out of Port Angeles. I love it.

It's not bad, you get used to it. I almost joined the CG, but they wouldn't let me join Active duty, they'd only take me as a Reservist. So, I chose to go with the Navy. I think I would have enjoyed the CG more. Everyone I talk to loves it.