(NFR) when will it stop??


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:mad: is anyone as sick of all the crapy reality shows
they have one on every channal even the outdoor channal.
although at least they do hunting in that one.
but the one that gets me the most is the
new one coming on ABC.
they are taking ex stars and putting
them through cop tranning.
there all a bunsh of BS.:beathead: :beathead: :beathead:


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Hiram, get off your duff and head down to the Owens River around Bishop. That is the best reality show in the Owens Valley this time of year. The water should be low, the weather crisp and the scenery magnificant. There will be few hearties out this time of year and none of them worried about reality shows. Give it a shot, Ive


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iagree i get down there as much as i can,
have to work some time.
the only thing is can't fish ay night.
i guess i should start tying flys.
see ya Greg:beer2: