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    Jun 27, 2013
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    Thursday: Got engaged. I'm lucky.

    Friday: Picked up my first new(ish) car: Hyundai Tucson 2011.

    Saturday: Now the important stuff. We went on one of my favorite hikes. We drove down the bumpy road and hiked about 5 miles to a lake with falling water. After taking a dip, I set up my 4 wt and threw some dries. Had three fish to hand on my first 10 or so casts. Strangers at the lake were actually giving me a standing ovation. That was fun.


    Ended up with about seven fish in a half hour, the biggest was around 14 inches. Most were in the 8-12 range.


    My last fish tonked his head on a rock and I unfortunately couldn't revive him. Bummer. Bug food, I suppose.

    I've been trying to get my friend into fly fishing this summer, so I thought this would be the time for his first fish on a fly. I'm sure this has happened to others, when you see a beginner get a hit, the hook set always happens about three beats too late. I was yelling "set! set!", but by the time you get it out it's already over. He got better as the day went on. Got a fish on the hook, but wasn't able to get it to hand. I think I'll be losing more sleep over it than him. It was so close...

    Besides a minor case of swamp ass on the hike back, it was a great couple of days.