No ferrule like an old ferrule....taping switch rods

Seems like there are quite a few people now swinging switch rods for PS fishing. Following the advice of a couple of spey caster friends I usually tape the ferrules on my Beulah 6/7 and usually check the connections a few times when fishing. But, new line, first time I've put the rod together this year.... practicing o/h on grass yesterday, and snap, the ferrule between the second and third section fractured - must have loosened up. One lesson learned, after banging my head against the wall, off to Beulah goes the rod with $50. Tape is somewhat cheaper....



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That's curious. The usual reason for taping spey rods is all of the twisting that goes on during the evolutions of the various moving-water spey casts. When overhead casting I can't imagine that the ferrules would be any more likely to come apart than when casting with a single-handed rod.
Understand what you mean, though when I first started with the rod, I had sections come apart a few times in a way that I've never had with single handers. Could be I simply started off with a slightly loose ferrule and my overly enthusiastic forward snap (= crap cast...) loosened it further. Whatever the cause of yesterday's little disaster, taping seems like cheap insurance.