No More Houseboat

He had just removed the tent and had some nice walls going on with that canopy as a roof. I just hope his cat is ok.

Leland, did you guys go anywhere else and have better luck? I kept at it but it was grim, grim, grim!
Still can't believe the guy actually had a cat out there.

Two weeks ago I was gearing up and this guy pulls up in a run down sedan and parks in front of me, his radio blaring as he gets out and opens the trunk. First thing I see is a cat sitting there and I was like..."thats odd, he has a cat in his trunk". He loaded it into an animal crate and took that down to a dinghy along with some tools and random items in buckets and rowed out to his raft.
Looked like he was painting the walls and doing misc house chores, I caught some nice SRCs and eventually left him to do his thing.
I'll give him credit, alot more innovative than a freeway underpass. Just sucks as it was his home :( Thats all I know about it.
Some kids burned down a few weeks before the storm destroyed it. He was in the process of rebuilding it when that happened. Good ol' Al's used to have a sign that read "please don't ask about the raft, we don't know!" All the weirdness associated with the thing aside, I kind of enjoyed seeing the evolution of the thing over the past year.


Not to be confused with Freestone
I was there a couples weeks ago and was watching him trying to hoist the camper shell onto the raft/float/barge, whatever while gearing up. On my return from casting practice, I chatted with him briefly while putting stuff away. Definitely not much of a conversationalist and and little different to be sure. It was only about 40F out and he had only a t-shirt and suspenders on... that should have been my first clue :eek:.
FYI, the guy lives up the road in a real house.

I hate to destroy the romantic moment for you guys, but right now we are looking at a pile of garbage on one of our beautiful beaches. Friends and I were there today picking up blocks of styrofoam all along that beach. We are hoping the owner does the right thing and cleans up the mess.
Anyway, here are a few photos from the last few years. For a while last year, he was at the Purdy Spit. Two years ago, he actually had a garden "shed" on the raft. The "motorcycle" was made of styrofoam.
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How did it get outside of the bay? In the storm?

I talked to him a couple of weeks ago. Quirky guy- he was smoking a cigarette with his motorcycle helmet on.

I guess someone stole the 50 horse motor he had on the back of it. I was like, "you had a 50 horse motor attached to it and it didn't disappear a long time ago?" He must have decided to rebuild after the arson attack.