Nooch and Satsop

Anyone been fishing the nooch or Satsop in the last couple of days? Is there still silvers taking flys and what about SRC's. Trying to find somewhere to get my line wet or better would be a bent rod!
A friend of mine at work took a nice silver on a spoon last weekend. I went to the Wynoochee the Friday before and it was still kinda blown from the last bit of rain that we had.

The cutthroat fishing in the Satsop was OK last summer. I haven't had the chance to fish it for sea runs yet.

If you go let us know how you did.
There's a lot of chum in the noosack right now. I hooked a nice silver on the south fork, but that was about 2 weeks ago. They probably all moved on by now. I haven't heard anything about SRC yet.


I fished the South fork only one time. I went up to just below the hatchery. Is that too far up the river or not? It's kinda a long drive for me to get there. What I really don't like about that area is that every place you go there are "No Parking" signs at just about every pull out on the roads around there. Jim S.:TT I think that I'm on the wrong river.