Nooksack South Fork

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rxfisher, Aug 8, 2002.

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    Jan 19, 2004
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    Sedro-Woolley, Washington, US.
    I've never fished the nooksack at all, but it's basically in my back yard and have heard it's got some nice fishing for reisdent rainbows. Can anyone give me a suggestion on where to start, is the south fork the best bet. What river levels fish the best. Thanks.
    Anyone ever fish Bacon creek, a tributary of the Skagit above Marblemount?? the regs are conbfusing. Thanks
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    Jan 1, 2002
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    I might be old---but I'm good.

    Never fished the S/fork. But I have Bacon creek. Right now it might be in the right shape to wade it. Most of what I have caught have been on the small side,but I have seen steelhead in the creek.

    Lots of campers up there on weekends.

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    The South Fork, oh do I remember it. It was the straw that broke "this" camel's back.

    After learning to fly-fish in the rich limestone streams of Pennsylvannia - New England, I returned home to Washington. Upon my return in the late '77 I fished the S/F Nooksack often yet had NO luck with flies of any kind. I used my fly gear but tossed an egg on the end and caught many bitty trout. Yeah bait fishing, and I soon quit fly-fishing for trout and have only recently returned. I remember lots of little 'bows.

    I currently live very close (say 2 miles) from Bacon Creek and have fished it only once. I haven't even noticed *any life forms* in it aside from last years run of pinks. Can't give any clues on this one. I think I may don the climbing gear and try an ascent on the learning curve on this creek - it sure is a pretty one. Wish I could help more what with this creek being as homey as homey gets. If ya ever decide to give it a go, consider dropping me a line.

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    Rxfisher, the South Fork of the Nooksack River is "Closed Waters" form the Skookum Creek Hatchery up to its headwaters near Elbow Lake. This was done a few years ago to protect salmon from poachers on the old Scott Paper land. This river was heavily fished in the 50's and 60's due to heavy logging activity, i.e. logging roads, hungry tarheels. It's resident rainbow trout populations suffered. I fished it yearly before it closed and it was getting better. This river is getting a well deserved rest. But, when and if it gets reopened, there is not a better candidate for Special Regs, Catch and Release Water!!!
    Bacon Creek is open, but same story. Heavy fishing and logging.
    The only places left are hike ins. Find the larger tributaries on the maps and beat the brush til you find the fish. They are there. Good Luck!