Nor Vice

Ed Call

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Worth it? Yes.
Likes? Super smooth spinning rotary. Jaw options, including tube mandrels. Great company to deal with and as upgrades happen that you want the customer service is top notch. All of the add on features that I have just make sense and work perfectly with the vise.
Dislikes? None. Okay, it does not make a great travel vise when set up on the mounting board, but you can mount it on smaller heavy blocks and make it more portable or do the bulk of your tying at home and travel with whatever you are using now. I have a travel vise, so I'm going back to dislikes? None.
The toughest thing I have found with my nor-vise is trying to tie small flies without the fine point conversion kit. Other than that, I really enjoy using it and I have barely begun to do some of the things that it is capable of.

Jeff Dodd

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I love my Nor-Vise. Went straight from a loaner vise to a Nor-Vise and do not expect to spend any more money on other vises.

I did order the Midge jaw from Randy Diefert, WFF.Com member, and tis is a great addition. Randy sells Nor-Vises with the midge jaw already on, you do not get the in-line jaw. This is something to consider.

I have not figured out how you are to use the matwerial holder with the midge jaw on. I stuff materials between the two jaw parts and that works OK.

Good luck Chef!

Ed Call

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Nothing is wrong with it. Lol! :)
Chef, despite my appreciation for my Nor Vise, if your current vise is fine...

Unless you can pinpoint what your vise does NOT do that you NEED it to do...

It is winter, get a set of boot foot waders, insulated ones, so you can fish comfortably and not freeze your ass (or toes) off. Then when you have that piece of essential comfort gear, get the whamma dang vise. I love my Nor Vise, but comfort and lower extremity safety comes first.