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    We don't get many salmon from the Oregon hatcheries very far down the coast, so this is mostly California specific.

    A friend has been yak fishing for salmon for decades off the north coast, and this is his best year ever. He said he's caught 30 so far and it's early. And, they've been larger than average too.

    Our rivers are in terrible shape. They are warm with low flows. CDFW dumped tons of trout in high lakes early from the American River hatchery because the Bureau could not guarantee the American River water temp would be below 72°,

    With the gloomy conditions, very few people fished the striper run. Those that did had a banner year, and there are still some good ones in the river system from the spring spawn run. Our salmon season opened July 16. It's a very small early run and usually very low catch rates. This year I've seen dozens of chrome bright Chinooks coming out of the river, more than I've ever seen before. They are VERY small, even by our standards, which are usually much smaller than the OR and WA fish, I'd say 8-10 lbs. average so far. A 20 lb. Chinook in our system is a big fish.

    No one here can understand why any of these great catch rates are occurring , but no one is complaining. We assumed the ocean fishing would be good because the salmon and stripers would not go into the rivers, but that's proven to be a false assumption. Hoping for a good fall/winter run of stipers and salmon, and I expect we'll have them. Maybe we'll even get a decent inland steelie run in late fall.
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    I nailed a 25 pound chinook on sunday in the fly-only section of the Trinity. That was a kick in the ass
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