North end beaches picking up

I fished the major out going tide Saturday 5/14/05 and picked up this year's first sea run cutt for me from the Snohomish Co beaches. Still pretty skinny from spawning; fought well, just not enough weight yet to really kick butt. A number of smaller immature cutts were cooperative too, as well as some small 6" - 8" coho smolt. I used a floating line, and went through the usual suspects of bait immitation without a hit until I used a 1" lime green over white, slender pofile, sand lance which did the trick. A few larger fish showed themselves in the rip tide out about 150 ft. As the weather looked crappy and was quite windy, I pretty much had the entire beach to myself. the wind died to zero the water got glass flat, and the fishes came out to play. Good to welcome the 2005 season in.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
So where abouts were you at. I would like to try fishing the salt but don't have enough guts to take my gear out there in it. I guess that I'm just a big chicken to go out there.


Steve Rohrbach

Puget Sound Fly Fisher
I echo Salt's comments. Several recent outings on Whidby and Camano beaches have brought Sea Run Cutthroats to hand. There has been an amazing amount of Chum Fry in the shallow water. I had a 20" plus Blackmouth launch clear out of 2' of water chasing the small Chum. I am looking forward to many hours of enjoyment in the Sound this spring, summer and fall.