North End of Lake

Cool, I had a buddy fish the north end on Tues and he only got one, but he may not have known what he was doing. Any spunk in them this early?
The larger ones gave a bit of a fish, but nothing to jump up and down about. The number of fish I caught is what surprised me in a four hour period. I stopped counting after 50.
They never have been known for their energy in my experience. But if they are in the north end and feeding, that will happen! Not usually to me, generally to the guy next to me using the same fly at the same depth, but it does happen none the less. And I have been known to count to fifty, but that is generally when I count by fives.


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50 in 4 hours is 12.5 per hour and 4.8 per minute. It would take about 30-45 seconds to land and release each fish, and 20 seconds to re-cast. So... you're saying it was a fish every 4 minutes? I guess its possible, without a break for 4 hours. I think my arm would be ready to fall off with 150 casts, that is two backcasts and one final cast. Good job! Those fish are in serious spawn mode.
I must say your math is quite off. It takes about 30 seconds to land and release a Lenore Fish. I would say 2 seconds to cast again and less than 20 seconds for the next strike. My downfall is my compulsive behavior so I fished for 4 hours as if competing in some contest.


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Trust me Lab, it is more than possible at Lenore to crank out those numbers with those fish. They are freakishly schooly and if you are on that school your fly sometimes does not have time to reach the bottom. Your indicator lands and goes under all in one nice little motion.

ChiroMadness, I believe you and when you are on them it can just be plain stupid and silly. The funny thing is I've been there when I've done the same thing and watched other guys fish all day and not land a thing.

More on a separate post.

it is easy to catch those numbers, its like fishing in a kiddy pool, only morer expensive. i tried it twice, but never again, just too easy and too crowded. a nice break stop when passing by to have a look though.
I'm not all that good and when Lenice is being easy to fish, I can easily pull one out within every ten minute period. One every 4-5 minutes seems completely reasonable to me.


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Im going to head out tomorrow... if anyone wants to carpool. I have room in my rig for someone and their boat. Split gas and you buy me lunch and we'll call it good. PM me if interested.