North Sound *protected* locations for 12' Hewescraft

Hey guys, need some advice... and, nope, I won't be crowding on to your favorite beach after your pinks - I'm planning to fish the pink run in my 12' 1967 Hewescraft Fisherman with 8 HP merc.

Thing is, this boat has a low transom - so an unseen tug wake could be a really bad deal if it caught me from behind. Thus, I don't take this boat on the East Channel where the freighter traffic is.

I've been scouring maps a bit looking for likely good spots in the North Sound, and need suggestions and advice re launches and what points might be worthwhile to bag me some pinks. So far I've been looking at areas near the mouth of the Stilly on down to the south end of Camano or maybe the north end of Camano and run up and fish points leading into Skagit Bay. Thoughts?

Please PM REPLIES if you care to share something specific - I don't want anyone getting pissed or anything. And, depending on timing and what a couple buddies are doing at various times, there will likely be times when I have room in my boat before all this mayhem is over. Yep, it could be you - or you - or you... :)



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Lower snohomish river, near Langus park in about two weeks. Put in at slack tide and fish the incoming and there won't be a ton of current until the tide goes out again. shoot me a PM if you ever need someone to swab the decks, I'm also in Mill Creek(ish) area and would happily take you on the river in late August in exhange .

I think you might also be OK off of Mukilteo fishing down along shipwreck near the shore. I don't think any large boats go through that stretch of water. It's awfully calm in the mornings before 9am.
Thanks ten80. Looking like all the areas I've been looking at are MA-8-2 and MA-8-1, both of which don't open for salmon until August 1st. If things continue to heat up with this run I may just have to go across and fish some of the more protected parts of MA-9 - but not sure yet. I've been doing way to much boat refurbish and not enough fishing...
Mukleteo is a bad launch with lots of rollers at times. Kyak point state park launch and area is much calmer and perfectly suited for a boat your size. Just my 2 cents. Good luck. Shilshole can be an option early AM before traffic gets bad.

Mukleteo is a bad launch with lots of rollers at times. Kyak point state park launch and area is much calmer and perfectly suited for a boat your size. Just my 2 cents. Good luck. Shilshole can be an option early AM before traffic gets bad.


Thanks Patrick. I was wondering about Kayak Point. I'll likely give that a go.

Shilshole is not on my list - I'm pretty careful where I take this little gal... she's pretty stable with a 4 foot beam, so, not like the typical 12-footer nowadays - but like I said, that low transom concerns me - mainly with tugboat waves as they tend to be real steep waves that could come over it. Not terribly worried about broad rolling freighter wakes as much as the tug boat wakes. I'm not at all interested in getting hypothermic in the Sound.


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Jim -
Likely you will want to target the salt fishing in the early morning and a careful eye on potential winds.

For the salt Port Susan(Kayak and Cavelero) and the north end of Whidbey (Cornet Bay) are potential areas for you to explore. I agree stay away from Mukliteo; it can be nasty; Shilshoe will have lots of pinks close to the launch while wake waves can be an issue it would be doable (see smaller craft out there) with an eye to the weather and watching for boat traffic. Armeni on Elliot Bay after the 16thy of August (Friday thur Sunday until September) is another possibility.

Regarding timing it is doubtful there will be fishable numbers in North Sound areas until early August (maybe a tad earlier in points to the south.

Your boat would be great for the lower end of some of the rivers. Should be able to run the Snohomish without to much trouble up to Snohomish (above there will have to watch the shallow riffles). the lower Skagit is another option (Main river below Mt. Vernon and North Fork are pretty straight forward but the South Fork can be a little tricky (especially at low tide). The lower Green (Dauwamish)as well as the very lowest Stillaguamish in September is another option.

Have fun with your "little gal"; the above should keep you busy for most of the late summer/early fall and just might produce a fish or two. BTW - same areas have been known to yield a coho or two.


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I agree with Smalma, Kayak and Coronet Bay are good launches for a small boat (just don't go through Deception Pass :)) . Good crabbing as well. If you try one of the north end of Camano launches, look at a good chart first - a lot of Skagit Bay by the south fork turns into a big mud flat at low tide, During Humpy madness there will be 500 + boats between Mukilteo and Picnic Point, that's where 'Humpy Hollow' is.


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Jim, some good points made.
do consider this, wind at Kayak can be a bummer in your small craft.
the snohomish out to the bay is ok, but watch when the tide goes out. there is a ton of shallow water at the mouth and you can get in trouble. same with the skagit in places. on dead calm days you can motor all the way past the navy base. but keep a eagle eye on the weather.
in fact that should be your #1 rule.
at least it was when i had my 12 footer and 6 horse running.

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Mutiny Bay on Whidbey Island would be safe in your boat and lots of pink salmon swim into the bay, even close to the boat launch. If you can bring the boat without a trailer you will save $$$.