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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Harry Richardson, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Harry Richardson

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    Jan 2, 2013
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    I'm curious as to when the fishing starts to pick up in the North or more central Puget sound area like North Seattle area?
  2. Dave Boyle

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    Sep 23, 2005
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    Seattle, Wa
    Was out a NS beach today and got skunkola'd, the wind was a big pain as I'm a leftie, forgot my basket too and fished through the beach pretty quick and thought stuff it. Didn't see any fish jumping and no seals, for some reason if I see apex predators I get confident as it means to me that their food, my target or my targets food is there. The tide was swinging back in but hadn't got really going but the structure there doesn't create real rips and fishy seams and essentailly i was casting upstream to it. That said my last report showed they are out there.

    Due to my general apathy and family commitemnts, I don't fish the South sound but I get the impression and have been told that it's a lot better down there and more importantly there's space. Seattle has only 4 - 5 beaches and the 3 I fish are pretty duff on a very regular basis. There's fish there from time to time, it's just not that good and often 2-3 folks parked, which ticks me off as moving around is the deal.


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    Pipers Creek
    You didn't mention what you plan to target, so I'll assume salmon.
    The central sound (MA 10) opens for catch and release the first of June.
    It opens for retention of coho the first of July and chinook mid July.
    Further north, MA 9 I believe will go back to a mid July opener this year. Last year it opened July 1st.
    I generally will pick up my first decent central sound resident coho in the first week of July. From there thing just continue to get better.
    Once August hits, coho will start turning the corner out of the straights and will be available through mid October unless we get a bunch of early fall rain.
    Chinook will be open until the end of August provided they don't close it early this year.
    There are some good beaches to fish on the east side of the central sound once you learn what tides produce best.
    Hope this helps,

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