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  1. Well since I didn't have the right materials and what I did have was close I decided to try and tie a Green butt skunk. There seems to be a lot of variety in the GBS's as far as materials but the principal seems to be the same. What I didn't have was Glo Bug Yarn, so I substituted that for two colors (green and yellow) of regular yarn. Enough said, here they are.
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    I'm not sure if they are Green Butt Skunks or even 'Skunks' for that matter. But they look fishy and

    I'm sure the steelhead won't critic them based on it's extensive experience with what a skunk or GBS is supposed to look like :)
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    Hey Frank,
    For my GBS, I usually use chenille or dubbing for the body. I tie a tail of red hackle fibers, the rear 1/3 of the body I use a chartruse chenille or dubbing and the front 2/3 of the body is black dubbing or chenille. Rib the body with a silver tinsel. White bucktail or calftail wing and a black hackle collar.
    Hope this helps.
    Steve S
  4. Steve,
    I didn't think GBS's had a calf-tail wing? It's not real a real clear photo but the body is dubbing and the rid is gold not silver.
    I do like the idea of 1/3 Chartreuse Chenille, 2/3 black dubbing and silver rib. I think it should give it more contrast. I got black hackle today but it looks like I'm headed to the shop for some black dubbing. I have been using black zonker body, I just cut it off so that the hair isn't tied to the body and attach it to the waxed thread, it's been getting me by.
    What size hook have you been using?
    Also I have these Upqua (sp) size 2 hooks "without" a continuous eye. The shank goes forward, makes the eye, then comes back towards the shank to about 1/3 the shank length, so really it's twice as twice and thick at the head. Why does it do that? Is it just the process of making the hook or does it serve some purpose I don't know about?
    Much appreciated,
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    This is a gbs
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    but on andy's it looks like more of a bucktail red tail...
  7. :eek: OK,
    What I made was a Hot Butt not a green butt, my fault. I thought when Steve said wings, that was not called for, I had the wrong colors but the right patteren, but anyway as usual I'm wrong. I fished that "Hot Butt" today and got a nice strike but couldn't get it to come back for it. I caught one today, a foot long resident BM on a white zonker. Pretty windy. But at least it was cold as hell. :beathead:

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