NW PHWFF 2 fly tournament

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Ok, here's the "un official" announcement I had promised awhile back. Chuck Tye and I are trying to organize our first "2 fly tournament" up on the Yakima in late August. They have had one for the last 4 years on the east coast. But we're trying to expand for our local people to attend. This year, we're only inviting soldiers/vets from our local area (as in the NW region of PHWFF). But if we get enough interest, we hope to open it nationwide.

Here's what I'm looking for now, and will give you guys EXACT dates once we're locked in. Everything I'm typing below isn't locked in stone. We're still trying to finalize things.

The teams can consist of volunteers or guides teamed up with soldiers. Like any PHWFF trip, we're up in the air on how many soldiers we'll have. Being a WTU, guys who are here today, may be reassigned tomorrow. We will have vets from our local VA's coming too. But what we need the most are volunteers who will be "stream monitors". Basically judges. We won't have "beats" in the traditional sense. We plan on floating stretches. So the rower will be the stream monitor checking the catches, measuring, and making sure fish are released unharmed. Also, will be monitoring to make sure no extra flies are brought with. They may also be needed to help if a soldier needs help (if their wounds make them unsteady).

I'm sure we'll need so many volunteers in way of serving, prep work, etc that weekend. I'll be doing the cooking, hopefully with the help of my new best cooking bud (if he's available).

Now, I'll be trying to contact key people. But we'll also need donations in way of supplies, prizes, etc for the contestants. That would be tippet material, flies, leaders, floatant, etc etc etc. If anyone on here does banners, and is willing to donate one or two being made, that would be great as well.

I'm hoping to have more in concrete by the end of this weekend. Chuck will be making some calls. So once I have some stuff in stone, will let you all know.

Ed Call

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If the dates fit my family's schedule you can count on me. My local fly shop has at least one PHWFF rod that I'll ask him to hold and I'll try to buy it and donate as a prize. Hell, I've got enough rods I could just donate one or two that I have anyway...we'll see. I'd love to help out, either floating the big boy cataraft wtih soldiers/volunteers or in some other capacity as you need. Thanks for posting this and I'll track the updates. Thanks Jerry and Chuck!

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Thanks Ed. I'll let you know. We should have soldiers and vets from WA/OR/ID. Depending on how many we get, dictates how many boats we'll need. I'm assuming alot of the soldiers/vets will already have teammates (volunteers), but we may need guides to fish with the soldiers. We'll see how it goes.