OB vs OB Short on the Beach


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Looking to line up my fast action CPX 6 weight & possibly the mod action Batson RX-6 in 5 weight I just had made. Like to run the floating line w/ intermediate 1.5 ips sink tips.

Pros - cons?


Gregg Lundgren

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I lined my Redington Torrent 9ft 7wt with an Outbound Short WF7F/S1 and really like it. Others like the regular Outbound, I guess like most everything fly fishing, it depends.

I do keep my hook points sharper throwing the OB Short from the beach however.:)
Love the Short. After switching one rod to the Short from the regular, I slowly switched all over, and have never looked back.


For him there whould always be the riddle of steel
+1 for the OB short
Lol, its the trendy one @ the moment. The regular OB must have been made by Rio à juste titre.

Anyone fish both lines, on the same stick.... pros - cons??

Is that OB Short just a better mousetrap?



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I am like the only one in the universe that doesnt like any of the outbound lines, but if I had to choose I would take the short. With the short its kind of a roll cast,back cast to pick it all up, and launch it. With the regular outbound i end up trying to false cast and then trying to carry to much line and dumping the whole thing. The other thing is the running line has a memory like nobody's business. I think the real reason I have issues with the outbound series is I like using heavy weighted flys for the jiggy action and the outbounds are already pretty high in grain wt.

I have a 6wt intermediate outbound short (coldwater) you are welcome to try if we are in the same area at some point.

Jim Wallace

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I had one of the original OB longs (clear intermediate with floating running line) in a 6 wt, and I didn't like the way it cast on the rod I was using it on, a 9' 6 wt TFO Series 1. That may have been due to the rod not being fast enough action. Or maybe just my lousy casting ability.

I don't know if Rio improved the running line, but the one I had coiled horribly, and the coating stripped off of several feet of it, just behind the head. It started in the area that is at the rod tip while one is casting with the head outside the tip. Then, I think I must have over stretched it when fighting with those dang coils, and caused some small breaks in the coating. It went downhill fast from there.

I had to cut out a sizable section in that area and splice the line back together. So now there is an abrupt transition from the running line to the head. I don't use it any more. I just use one of my clear intermediate full sink or floating lines, or one of my type 2 clear intermediate sink-tips. I can't shoot line as far, but they don't cause me any grief.

(Same thing happened to my 8 wt Rio Versa-Tip, but I had stepped on that line a bit, as well as letting it get dragged over rocks and logs by fish, and probably over-stretched the running line when fighting those dang coils. I liked the way it cast on my 9' 8 wt TFO Series 1 rod, except for the maddening coils in the running line).

Maybe it was just me. That's why I didn't try to send the lines back.

I have never tried casting the OB short, though.

Pat Lat

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the short is for shorter casts or longer casts with less false casting. The regular is for, well, regular distance casting (was that obvious?:) ).That means, slightly tighter loops, and improved comfort and control during false casts. Other than that they are really the same line. Ive only used the regular outbound, it didn't feel much different than a standard weight forward. Then I skipped over the ob short and went right to an ambush line, 18 foot triangle taper. Shorter is better on puget sound beaches for sure. I lose a 1/4 the amount of flies on the rocks over a wf design and keep my fly in the water longer. The standard outbound does of course have the advantage of not making you look trendy, if that matters to you.

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Jim Wallace said:
I don't know if Rio improved the running line, but the one I had coiled horribly...
I had the same experience with an older model, but now the running line on the OB Short I purchased this year is supple with little memory. Less tangles than any other line I've thrown.:)

Tom Palmer

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I suspect Rio has changed/updated the Outbound series of lines over the years and it makes it harder to compare feedback from earlier versions.

When the Outbound first came out, I bought a 6 weight intermediate for use on the beach. It was the worst fly line I have ever purchased.

I felt the head was too long at 37' for beach fishing when you typically retrieve your fly all the way in... just too much effort to get the long head past the guides on a 9' single hand rod.

But the running line was the real problem! I have never had a line coil and tangle more than the running line on that Outbound. No matter how much I stretched it or worked on line management half my casts were cut short by tangles. I also developed some pretty deep cuts in my finger while retrieving that thin, textured running line for many hours on the beach. Off to ebay it went.

When Rio introduced the Outbound Short, changes listed were:
* Shorter 30' head for easier loading
* Thicker running line for better handling and mending

Bingo! This was the line I was looking for and now consider this the standard for beach fishing around here. However the current Rio Marketing doesn't mention if the running line is different between the two so who knows.

Long answer, but for me Outbound Short all the way.


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The OB and OB short were both remade for 2013. Also the freshwater, saltwater, and Coldwater versions are the exact same line but with a different label.


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Short. I've fished both and ended up cutting 7" off the head of the regular to make it a short. Then I cut off that head to use as a backup shooting head because that running line was the shittiest running line ever made. But the new shorts are great. I have 'em in floaters and clear intermediates.
I wore out an OB regular. Used it five years. Liked it very much. Just purchased an OB Short last week. Tried it out today first time and I think I prefer it to the regular.
Regarding golfman44's comment about the new OB shorts being FW, SW, CW: when I ordered my OB Short through the GHFS it came in as a "Freshwater". Knowing I was interested only in SW fishing with it, the shop manager and I thought it best to re-order the line and specify "Saltwater". The new one was delivered and it says "Saltwater" on the box but it sure looks, feels, and smells like the other one. I think golfman44 is correcto.
PS The AirFLo "40+ is another excellent line and worth looking into. I use one in a heavier weight and like it much although I can't say whether I like it better than the OB. Both good lines.
I'd suggest you go try one; I'll bet you're going to like it a lot. When it comes to casting, I'm your basic hack. When I throw the OB Short I almost look like I know what I'm doing.