Off to Lone!

I'm headed to the ferry to go pick up Ira and then we are headed off to fish Lone. It seems like its been forever since I've fished a lake. Damn salmon!

So if you're on the water today and spot two obnoxiously loud guys in a 10' aluminum pram, one of whom is sure to be displaying a complete inability to cast a fly line that is NOT a shooting head, be sure to row over and tell us to shut up...or say hi.... or whatever
A bit of advice when fishing with matter what he tells you don't sample the apple juice from that plastic jug of his. It leaves a real funny aftertaste.

Good luck today. I'm about to jump in at an unknown me a report later!


Elephant fly

...tastes like chicken....
Fished it last Friday for most of the day. Lots of surface feeding in the middle of lake. Fish were finning and cruising, feasting on chironomids and adults which were in abundance. There was so much food, the fish were very picky.

Everyone I talked to seemed to have a different solution. It wasn't lights out fishing but it seemed like everyone found ways to score.

I'm going back on Monday. I'll be interested to see what works for you guys.


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Well, was there lots of hootin and hollerin today? I thought about heading over until I remembered the mountain of shit in front of my pram.