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Everytime I find a tossed can of beer littering the fishing sites it is a Coors Light. Does this say something about the Silver Bullet drinkers?? Put my vote down for a tasty Heineken. Skunky, light and easy to throw down. mmmmmmmm - beer.

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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Well since I don't drink anything on the river,if I did I would be spending all of my prime time in the woods peeing because everything that I drink seems to go right thru me,but if I did it would have to be Diet Coke.



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My first two chices don't seem to be available in WA: Grain Belt Premium and Leinenkugel's.

So here's another vote for Kokanee! (or even better, Kokanee Gold) :THUMBSUP


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I enjoy ice cold non alcoholic beverages personally. Guinness brews a really nice one called Kaliber and some of my other favorites are: Callister, Haake Beck and even St. Paulina Girl has a decent non-alcoholic. And let's not forget O'douls Amber. Yep. O'Doul's is short for "O'Doyal Rules" hahah Made that one up myself.

There's nothing better, I repeat: nothing better, than a bottle of Dry Fly ESB after a good day of fishing. You can brew this delectible ale at Ted Farmer's Heads Up Brewery in Silverdale, WA. He may even have some on tap for your pleasure. :BIGSMILE
I vote for Grolsch, but on occasion, when pursing the elusive fish on our local waters, I take the BOB LAWLESS approach:

Vest pocket #1 - tall and narrow, to fit the 1985 bottle of superb white wine, crafted in in a small, and heretofore unknown, pocket vineyard in California. The grapes obtain their nurishment from a creek running through the vineyard. The creek contains a band of 12-16" German Browns, who are quite partial to a #18 Royal Wolf drifted just so. The wine is known for it's fruity-oakey-sweetly fishy-bratwurst flavor in the mid 1980's batches.

Vest pocket #1 attachments: When fishing with reds, I have a velcro anti-tip attachment that allows me to bend over at the waist and unhook fish with out spilling any of the wine while it is breathing for the prescribed time.

Additional pockets = Aged cheese pocket, padded pocket for European crystal wine glasses, cork screw pocket, red and white checkered table cloth pocket.
Blackstar Golden lager. Pike Place Pale Ale, and just about all of the Pryamid beers. Also Paulner Double Bock, Octoberfest, and Deadman's Ale. What can I say: I am flexable