Okanogan cast and blast report

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Roper, Sep 8, 2008.

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    Well, just got back from sunny Okanogan County so I thought I'd share a bit..

    MartyG and his friend Jesse came up to the house for few days and we hit some local coverts for grouse and Lost Lake for brookies. Let's just say there's more fish than grouse. Marty brought his chocolate lab Roxy and she put up a few birds for them. Jesse got caught sleeping standing up and missed his bird and Marty said he was a bit behind his bird. That's all we saw for feathers that day. BTW Marty has restocked an English double that turned out very nice, spalted walnut, not something you see every day.

    Lost lake was kinder to us, we all jumped in the Smokercraft and managed to only cross line a couple of times. In between we tagged some of Lost's colorful brookies. Marty tagged the biggest, around 14 inches if my guesstimate is correct.

    It was fun having these two guys visit and share new stories and humor. Roxy did a nice job of getting what few birds seem to be around.

    After they left I hopped on my TW200 and hit some deep coverts on the mountain behind the house over two days it paid off with 3 grouse, all ruffed, and one each juvenile, hen, and male, the latter being very good sized. There may not be a lot of birds, but they are damn well fed. Each birds crop was packed with berries and fir needles. I may be heading up again since the IAM is on strike and there's little to do in here until they come back.

    Look for another post soon about an exciting new shotshell breakthrough...
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    Let me just say that Roper is Da Man!

    After we left Roper's care we hunted our way East, and South. Not much to be had - only a few immature birds, and only Ruffs. Maybe the harsh winter really wacked the Blues. I guess that our great ski season is paying us back with a poor Grouse season. I would put our flushes at 25% of last year.

    I'll be leaving the Grouse alone this year. Pheasant and waterfowl are not far off, and maybe there will be fish around the Sound soon.