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    My friend John and I headed over there on 5/13 and went to Ell (see my post on the general forum) fished one day and moved the trailer to Spectacle Lake. We touched bases with Dick Warnke (pram man) and fished several days together. John and I fished Blue by Wannacut and I caught 5 Lahontan cutthroat 16" to 21". Very pretty fish but odd that some fight well and some come to you like a trained dog. We fished this lake again last Thursday but got blown off after a short fish. I caught only 2 fish. I used minnow and bunny leach type flies deep and then Callibaetis nymphs under a bobber when they showed up.
    John and I hit the other Blue on the Sinlahekin road once and had our asses handed to us. I hooked up only once. This lake, for me has been decent to me at times but have never had a real good day there.
    The three of us hit Aeneas and as mentioned before was full of small trout but willing to be caught. Fish wet, dry or whatever you want. Between the three of us we must have caught well over 100 fish that day.
    Spectacle has smallish fish as well and after being poisoned off before last season the bass fishermen are fishing it already. They stock faster than the state.
    Last Friday we went to Beaver Lake up by Beth due to the wind figuring they might be better protected. Again smaller fish but willing.
    Wannacut had smaller fish than it had the last couple of years and OK to me but not as
    productive as the last couple of years at this time.