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    When I saw the good weather report I decided to take Wed - Sun off and fish the Okanogon lakes. My plan was to fish four or five lakes in the area, time permitting. I made it to Chopaka at 11:30 am on Wed. It was packed and I was fortunate to get the last camping spot with a table. I set up camp and took my dogs for a walk. I was on the water by 1:30. I talked to a guy that had been fishing there for 10 days and no big mayfly hatch had come off yet. I fished deep and caught 5 fish with two more caught in the shallows on a damsel nymph. My biggest fish was around 17 with most being 12-14 inches. The same fellow said there were a lot of snaky 17-20 inch dead fish near the shore line when he first arrived. The next day it got warmer but still no mayfly hatch. I only caught 4 fish that day because of the wind but the chrono guys were doing well. The next day I fished on the north end of the lake with my neighbors who said the did well on chronos. I thought this could be a mistake and it was. The mayfly hatch came off strong on the south end and across from the camp ground. While there was some mayflies on the water on the north end bay where we were fishing, it was a lot harder to target these fish. A friend from work who came up on Thursday was able to capitalizes on this hatch and had a great day. It got real windy soon after and I rowed back to camp. I fished that evening but the fishing for me was spotty at best. This was my worst day at Chopaka everbawling:. I decided to break from my original plan and stay one more day and catch the mayfly hatch. Well it pissed down rain during the hatch and I was able to only catch one fish on a dry but others were doing a little better. I was able to pick up 6 fish in the deep water before the hatch so all was not lost. I packed up camp and headed to blue lake around 4 pm. Blue lake was fairly crowed also. All the spots mid lake were overflowing but the south end had some sites still open. I was raining when I got there so I waited in my truck to see if it would let up but it didn't look like it would anytime soon. I decided to do a cowardly thing and I headed to my friends place in Okanogon for dry place and some beer drinking, but not before I talked to some fishermen at the lake. They had done well fishing chronos and leaches.
    The next day I woke up to overcast skies but decided to fish an undisclosed lake anyways and I'm glad I did. In four hours I caught close to 30 fish with 12 caught on dries.
    The fishing at Chopaka seems a little off this year at least for me. There may have been some die off or maybe a lot of the bigger fish are still in the deep water on the north end. It could be the lake is still two weeks behind last year at this time. One fishermen suggested the original planted fish may be coming to the end of their life span.:confused:

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