Olympic Steelhead Rivers

Hey everyone. I'm planning my first trip out to the Olympic peninsula in search of some steelies for my birthday at the end of February. I've never fished any of the rivers out there so I'm hoping I can get some good info here. I don't have anything to float with as of right now(this may change before february) so I was hoping that someone could tell me what rivers are a little more accesible for wading/hiking and fishing. Also there a quite a few well known rivers over there, does anyone have any recent reports or reports from past years? NOT LOOKING FOR ANYONES MONEY HOLE, just some general information would be fine.

Also I've been thinking about hiring a guide for my first trip, any recommendations?

Any help would be great.



Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.
The Solduc and the Hoh are good river that you can get some bank access to. Most of the rivers get alot of gear guys IE Bogie. There is a guide in PA who also owns a fly shop in town and one on the hywy into town. They are called Waters Wes. The owner is a really nice guy who is always willing to give info out.

Hope that helps, and good luck. I love fishing out there. You should have a great time.
I hired Bob Triggs (Littlestone Flyfisher, sponsor and moderator for this site) a couple years ago for a walk-and-wade trip on the Hoh in March. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Bob is a great guide and gave me more info on the area than I could use in several years. Well worth the $$.

The OP is a magical place. Have fun learning the rivers.

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oooooohhhhhhhh takes me back...the Duc in Mid Feb. thru March, Nates all the way up the system. I love that river, Man I'm starting to get teary-eyed...

I'll second what was said about Water's West here in P.A. Dave is great. The shop out on the highway is the one most guys see, but he also has one down town off of Front St. Both are great shops. All the guys that work in there are more than happy to sit and answer questions. At least they acted like it this past summer when I was in there every day pestering them with questions.

Nice shops all the way. :thumb:

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SG Gracey is one of the best flyfishing guides on the Peninsula. You will not find a more knowledgable guide/angler of all the available water in the forks area.