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    About 2 weeks ago I left the beautiful state of Washington for Uncle Sam. A special thanks to Jerry and his family for letting me spend a few days with them after i cleared out of my apartment and waited to clear post. Along the 3000 miles I stopped ton enjoy some fishing. My first stop was in Idaho and thanks to the fly shop that I stopped at playing a joke on me I went to a state park and scaled down a 30 foot cliff to get to the river where I pulled out this beautiful rainbow. IMAG0225.jpg

    My next stop to fish was in Colorado where I got the chance to fish with my dads old wrestling coach. We fished the Arkansas starting in Canon city and worked our way up the river. We caught tons of browns and here is another picture...

    My next and current stop is in Oklahoma where I have been able to spend some great quality time with my dad bass, crappi and spoonbill fishing. I plan to get to Kentucky a few days early to try out the local trout waters. Thanks for reading and here are a few more pics of my adventure.. IMAG0369.jpg
    My dad
    Me, with our spoonbills

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    Thank you for your service, Skyler.
    Those Spoonbills, or Paddlefish or whatever they are called are like something Doc' Soos would have dreamed up. Awesome looking fish, definitely from somewhere far away from here. Send us some more photos of fish from Kentucky.
    Thanks for the post and photos, and all the best to you.
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    Thanks for your service, thanks for sharing, and kudos to Jerry & family.