One Cutt photo !!!

Hit a HC beach with my son (from Colorado) yesterday and found some willing fish, enough too keep us happy for a few hours. I took this one photo just cause it was such a gorgeous cutt, and reminded me of Tom P's post with a similar colored cutt...The picture really doesn't do it justice, beautiful golden olive and nicely spotted, did have a split in the middle of it's tail and a few lice but not as many as most of the others we caught.... All great fighters and most were in the 13/14" range with a couple of 15's, so don't give up, there's still some out there.....
And then there are Colorado Greenback Cutties as well. :). Since we veered off and are on the general Cutty admiration - not to detract from you Mark (because yes, they are beautiful fish). Here is a Colorado Greenback, small but pretty, caught in the wilderness. :). I love little water in isolated places like this.

Caught here. :)