One less tweaker to worry about

I can only applaud the fact that instead of being complacent, you decided to take action by notifying the police upon observing something that did not seem right. Good job!
since when is an addiction(something that they took, they had the choice to make, they are the ones who did this to themselves) a disease??? im pretty sure an addiction is just that, a disease is something you catch. gonorrhea is a disease.....
its nice to be "pretty sure" but that unfortunately is not fact. I'm sure of that. And yes your statement is true they did make the choice to take a drug, problem is the diseased don't get another chance after that. while the non diseased can turn away and make a choice to say no. lots of people make bad choices. doesn't mean in the long run there all bad people
I've got a bit of a different take on the situation and it's not going to make me popular I'm afraid. You say there is a bad tweaker problem on the Sky? Why do you suppose they're there? Because they like the fresh air? They like the peace and quiet? Communing with nature? Nope! It's because we drag three times more gear than we need up there in the middle of nowhere in $40,000 rigs with 22" lookatme wheels. What the hell do ya think is gonna happen! It used to be that even at the "trendiest" places, in the parking lot you would see old Chevy pick-ups, International Scouts, carry-alls and Ford Broncos. Now it's Range Rovers, Lexus, Escalades and Volvos.

My primary fishing car is an 83 Toyota Tercel 4WD wagon. View attachment 32619 It's Got 333,000 hard fishing miles on it and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it to Montana tomorrow. I tow my drift boat with an 84 Toyota 4WD pick-up. It's got 276,000 equally hard fishing miles on it and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it either. Would I be hot and sweaty by the time I got there? Yep! Would my ass be sore? Yep! But would I have to worry about break ins with my clear windows and empty gear bags in the back when I'm parked next to the BMW X5 with the black smoked windows? Nope!

Now I'll be the first to admit that there may be a tiny bit of a sour grapes thing going on with my attitude. But come on! A little common sense people! If there wasn't so much easy pickin's they'd go somewhere else.


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People who break into, and steal from innocent people to support a drug habit , are bad people, period !
They may later have the ability to be rehabilitated and that's great, but at that time theyve blown it , and it is there responsibility 100 percent- It's not the systems fault , it's not unfortunate, blaugh blaugh blaugh, it's the fault of the individual who made the decision to affect innocent people based on there selfish desires, needs, whatever- Our society is so fuking full of people who put the blame on everything and everybody except the perpetrator who did the deed. If we could ever get back to the old school reasoning of an eye for an eye, and consequences for our actions we'd clean some of this bullshit up- Each individual has potential, but when he or she makes the wrong decision that puts themselves and others in harms way, they forfeit there rights at that time- They're subject to the consequences that they have asked for-
They make the choice to become a looser and hinderence to society, rather than nutt'n up like the rest of us, and going to work and contributing in a positive way to society-
The whole breaking and entering deal could turn so bad so quickly, and for some asshole to put others in potential harms way or in the situation on weather or not to need to defend themselves with deadly force is pathetic at least- Iv'e had a friend or two that has had drug issues, and though I loved them to death, they were responsible for there situation, they made a choice. Had something bad happened to them, it would have been terrible, but they and they alone would have been responsible for the deal, not anyone else or any other entity. It's way past time we all start looking in the mirror, taking responsibility for our screw ups, and being accountable-
I'll stop there before I pound my keyboard through table-

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I'm thinking if a couple of you guys got together and took turns hang'n out in the parking lot with a couple of shotguns filled with rock salt, the problem might slowly go away...


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Look at the theft rate in the Middle-East, amolst zip. Who wants to support their lazy lyfstles, or bad habits (diseases to some) when death, or losing your hand(s) is the punishment. We used to hang thieves here the USA until our vaginas took over deciding punishments. Theft, Murder and rape are the three crimes that hurt people the most, but have some of the lightest sentences. Shit I could walk outside right now and just randomly shoot someone for no reason, claim the voices made me do it...and be out of prison in about eight or so years with "good behavior" and/or a plea deal (which could get me even less time). Or rape a child and blame it on having a bad childhood...punishment would be comfortable prison time away from General (so they wouldn't tear my ass apart) with fellows just like me; tell some bleeding-heart shrink what she wants to hear and I'm out in a couple of years in a halfway house doing it again.

I'm thinking if a couple of you guys got together and took turns hang'n out in the parking lot with a couple of shotguns filled with rock salt, the problem might slowly go away...
I like this idea, but i would probably just skip the rock salt and use 00Buck. Eventually I would run out of tweaker thieves and the problem would be solved.
Todd: Those tweakers wouldn't hesitate to strip parts off that car if you parked in the wrong spot
Evan, first of all I think you did good. Really good. :thumb: And another big thumbs up to the officer who responded so quickly. But I think you missed my point a bit maybe? If what we found at the parking areas were dusty beat up looking rigs like what we saw once upon a time. And if we didn't insist on hauling every piece of gear we own with us. There wouldn't be a tweaker within a hundred miles.

It's funny you should mention stripping parts. This past summer I rebuilt the tongue and winch stand on my boat trailer. I used an old antique winch that I inherited from my grandfather. Just because I think it's so cool. Made by Albina engine and machine works right in Portland. They made landing craft for the marines so I like to think it came from one of those. View attachment 32625 In reality it probably came from an anchor scow. They made those too and my grandfather was in dredging. (As was my father and me) That's over 5 pounds of solid brass. Kinda stupid I know. My only hope is that they don't recognize it with its natural green patina.


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So what can we do? I'm not talking about getting every tweak to a rehab group, or putting a nother vehicle on my insurance plan. What can be done to help reduce/prevent this issue from ruining our days on the water?
I have a friend who is a trooper in the area (Sultan). Besides the access a cracker bar, and the Ben Howard rd, where else should I tell him to check on more frequently? Preventative patrols go a long way, and I KNOW for a fact he'd much rather bust tweekers than give tourists speeding tickets. I now theycan't be out there all the time, but just seeing them drive by makes a difference