One week of fishing Puget Sound

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    Well Amie and I just got back from spending a week of fishing and sleeping on our 18 ft boat. We fished as far up as Point No Point and down as far south and PT Robinson. Nothing large to report and fishing was pretty slow every where we went, but we caught a lot of shakers of both black mouth and silvers and had lots of fun doing so. The funny part was none of the fish we caught, were at well known every one knows places in all the fishing books and everyone talks about places like Point No Point, well I take that back I did caught a 18"-19" black mouth at Three tree point which is well known on our last day of fishing before coming home. Not sure how many shakers we caught after losing count after the first day but at that point Amie had landed 6 and my self 4. We figure Amie caught the most fish but mine were bigger each day of the trip. A lot of Amie's numbers were small 4-8 inch fish but she did land some in the 18" range as well.
    We now have a new name for my tie I did up one day into the trip. I had tied it for Amie to jig off the dock for some SRC that were swimming around the dock, but she ended up fishing it otherwise. It’s a basic Tom Thorn with a lead covered back of the hook underbody. For Amie and I the pattern will now be known as smolt slayer for all the 4-8 inch fish caught buck tailing and casting it by Amie. That fly was the only fly to catch fish for Amie the whole trip even though she tried others.
    For myself all my fish were also all caught on one fly that being a simple deceiver I tied the night before the trip. I also tried a few other flies but once again the fresh tie was the only one that landed fish for me.
    Both flies are now very worn out and will be retired to above my tying bench to give me hope at the tying bench while getting ready for future trips.
    We did not fish the entire trip but enjoyed the Ports of Brownsville, Poulsbo, Ludlow, Kingston and other ports around Puget Sound. Amie loved Poulsbo and looks forward to going back again. All in all it was a good trip for not a lot of money. Our gas bill for the total trip was $190 and the boat tanks are still fairly full. Each nights dock tie up fees were between $10-15 per night. We ate out dinner only one night as a birthday dinner for me but after eating it I can tell you Amie's cooking is much better and I would rather have eaten that {The food at that restrant was poor quality for the price they charged}. We other wise cooked on our camping stove out on the docks. The only other expense was a nice dress Amie found in Poulsbo.
    Well on Monday its back to work but at least I will have some good memories to get me through for a while. Plus there will be more fishing around Sound Sound over the next couple months to come and maybe we can catch some bigger Salmon to boot.
    Oh yea I also got my birthday present from Amie given to me on the trip. Thanks Clark, I am looking forward to hooking up the reel and line to the spey rod I bought off the board a couple weeks ago and learning to use it. Tell Anil I will return the spey vidio some time in the next week or so.

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