Open Tyers Table at AATF

Tuesday, October 17 from 6-9PM - Its the Open Tyers Table. We'll probably start with some October Caddis patterns.

This is a great time to make sure your fly box is ready for Fall and Winter fishing!

Bring your vise and come on out!! :beer2:

David Holmes

Formerly known as "capmblade"
I'm planning on attending. I'll have the little man (he's 4 now) in tow. Maybe there will be someone there he can hang with while I learn from some local master.

BTW, I heard that Chris doesn't work there anymore?
Campblade - looking forward to seeing you guys!

BTW - Chris is still around, he's been working another job over the summer.....even Steelhead bums need to pay the bills sometimes!

David Holmes

Formerly known as "capmblade"
Ron & Kristin - Thanks for putting on another Open Tyer's table. I learned some new stuff and Casey had a good time. That was a good turnout. I think I was there once when it was just me, Old Man and some other guy.

Anyway, thanks again.

And Thanks, 'yard for learnin' me stuff.