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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Panheadsully, May 10, 2011.

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    Hey guys,
    I picked up a Outcast Prowler and am really enjoying it. I've used it to float a few lakes so far. I like the packability etc.

    When I was out on Merrill lake the other day, I found it did take a substantial amount of time to return to the launch. I would like to spend some time n Dry Falls and Lenore as well.

    Anyway, with my current Outcast setup moving seems to be a bit slow. Is there better options? I have been looking at the NFO Renegade with the oars. Would this get me through the water faster?

    I live in Yakima and would like to spend some time learning the Yakima, would the renegade be sufficient or do I need to looking at 2 separate boats?

    Also, is the packability of the Renegade really all that great? Could you blow her up and pack it into Lenice ok?

    One more thing, I am 6'8 and am concerned with the cross bar to put my feet up. Would the oars be hammering my knees and make them unuseable?

    Anyway, figured I'd ask the question and see what opinions are out there from first hand experience.

    Thank you,

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    Sully, here is my opinion and you how opinions are everybody has one, at least.
    A float tube like you have is for stillwater. you have found out that it is slow going. You need to plan ahead and make sure at the end of the day you are not too far from your rig especially if your going against the wind...
    The renegade is a compromise between a float tube and a pontoon boat. It kicks pretty easy and has a large capacity weight wise. As far as the foot rest goes I don't think you could get your feet up on it. When I tested a new one last week I was not able to get my feet with fins on close enough to my body to clear the bar and get them on top of it. As big as you are I think it would be as difficult or more. If you did get you feet up on it you could stretch them out and have your legs straight so you would not be hitting your knees when rowing. I dont think that the Renegade is the boat for moving water like the Yakima. The oars are lightweight and short if you needed to do an emergency avoidance maneuver like trying to miss a sweeper I don't think it take the force required to move over 300 lbs back upstream. I know others will disagree but like I said this is my opinion. I think the Renegade is a hellava boat for still water I don;t have any beef with them or Scadden we are a dealer for NFO and we sell these boats.
    The next level is a hard framed pontoon boat. This style of boat in a heavy duty 8' or a 9' boat will do most rivers. An upgrade to 7' oars is nice if they are not standard equipment. This makes a great still water craft and river solo drifter and is probably the most versatile of the bunch. The down side is portability. It can be cartopped, put in the back of a pick-up or hauled on a light weight trailer. But you're not going to carry it a couple of miles into a lake.
    My choice: I have a Fat Cat float tube for small lakes and non-windy days or when access is difficult AND I have an 8' steel framed pontoon boat with only 6' oars. I am going to try to up-grade to a 9' boat with 7' oars next year. But what I have works.
    My advice: keep the Prowler you got a great deal on it. Look for a high quality pontoon boat. You already have fins and accessories from your Prowler purchase so you can use them on the pontoon.
    I have access to the Renegade the guy I sold it to is a friend of mine so if you want to come to Spokane we could probably do a demo of the Renegade and a pontoon and we can use it as an excuse to fish together. If you have any questions you know where we are.

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