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Not really

Although, having not paid any attention to broadcast news for over 15 years now, I'd guess it's desperately in need of someone with keen observational powers like mine, but the mere suggestion that an individual look at things from a perspective other than their own would be met with such derision that my career would be measured in minutes.


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More like someone who can use over the top superlatives to describe a simple question and make it sounds as if the person who initiated the query was seeking top secret government information about a geographic region almost 300 miles away. Pathetic.


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You seem to lack any sort of ability to detect either irony or sarcasm...... the internet, Indians and guides ruined Steelhead fishing......It's just the order that people argue over here.


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Anadromous fishing on the west coast was destroyed by a combination of a number of factors starting off with the arrival of European settlers and continuing with over harvest, habitat destruction, etc.


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Sorry, but the North Umpqua has had just about every fishing hole and rock documented for quite some time now. "Information is out there...all you have to do it let it in."

As for access...they are numerous. At least, when they haven't been closed by fire activity. ;)

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Looks like this thread took a turn while I was fishing. I guess Quillbilly did not like my access question.
I went alone. Hired no guide. Figured out some floats, caught some fish, drank some beer, and generally had a relaxing good time. There is tons of access points, user fees, and frog water where I fished. The yurts at the state park rock. Shuttles are easy to get, just ask the fly shop or pm me. Crackheads are abundant. The fish aren't too big. Smaller rods are a good idea.
It's one of the most difficult steelhead rivers I've fished from the aspect of finding holding water. I fished the middle portion. The river rarely flows straight. It has a lot of Eddys and too fast water and lots of frog water. It's also ledgy like the NU. I was unable to see in the water due to the low sun and black base rock.
I found fish and spots on my floats.
If anyone else goes, bring cash. The parks have day use fees and the shuttle people like cash.
See all that info and not one rock given up.

Go sox,