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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by sturgeon crazy, Apr 9, 2008.

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    vancouver wash.
    Took off Sunday morning and headed down to the siletz river since most sw washinton rivers are closed. I drove up to the deadline hoping I could find some clear water and a late native. No luck in the clear water department so I stopped at a tributary that was running a little clearer and hiked down to the river. Second cast, I hooked up with a nice 12# native buck with beautiful color. It was tucked up in the white water as it spilled in to the siletz.
    It was pooring down rain all day and the river was coming up pretty good. By 1:00 I had hiked a mile of river checking all the likely spots and nothing. My dog kept giving me this look like " what the heck are we doing out here" so I packed it up and headed for the alsea which was about 45 min. away.
    I got to the hatchery and was shocked to see the water level and clarity were perfect. I was able to spot 6-7 fish from the road and ended up shaking hands with two of them. Wasn't able to land either one. Both were fairly bright hatchery fish. I am a little frustrated with the alsea lately. Sunday made 5 fish in a row in the last 2 weeks that I have lost on this river. Oh well.
    If your looking for a change of pace, both the alsea and the siletz have a late run of wild fish that come in in april. The hatchery on the alsea is still recycling fish so theres plenty of fish around.
    Tight lines,
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    Sounds like a pretty damn good day to me! Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for the report. I'll be down there the weekend after next and was planning on hitting the Siletz. I hadn't thought about the Alsea.

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