Organizations of Note


Not to be confused with Freestone
Just reading the spring 2013 Montana TU newsletter and the article on the on-going legal battle with King Cox Kennedy and his quest to close down public access to the Ruby River. Several organizations throwing in their support on his behalf include;

  • The United Property Owners of Montana (UPOM)... funny I own property in MT and they've never asked me to join.
  • Bozeman's Property and Environment Research Center (PERC)... which according to the article "advocates for privatizing public resources such as fish, wildlife and public lands..."
WHAT????... did I read that correctly???... sure enough, that is what is says. So our ancestors flee Europe and this form of life and, as sure as the sun rises, groups like this forge alliances with big money (it's all mine) types and start the process all over again.

Not on my watch and w/o a dogged fight. Hope you will take the few minutes time to join PLWA and throw your support their way.

This won't help King Kennedy & the elitists cause however...