Organizing Gear????

I am at Hoarder Status when it comes to fishing gear... seriously will probably end up on one of those stupid TLC shows. "Man buried alive by fishing gear"

Between Fly tying equipment, Rod building equipment, two pontoon boats and then different rods reels and flys (Also conventional gear) for different species I have a room full of stuff, but am teribbly organized. It makes it a gong show every time I am trying to gear up for some different type of fish.

How do you guys organize your stuff? Do you have any Pictures?

I cant be the only one suffering. Ha ha.

Thanks for any help,

Richard E

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I think you meant to write you are terribly UNorganized...

With great amounts of equipment comes great disorganization. :) I'm living it, as well; and, it sounds like it's probably worse than yours...


Separate bags for separate species. A few stackable drawered totes. A bedroom for sleeping, kitchen for cooking, living room for relaxing, and about 3 other rooms full of miscellaneous fishing tackle. I keep trying to get organized but don't know where to start. Having 3 bags ready to go helps. Bag for trout, 1 bag steelhead fly, 1 bag steelhead gear makes it easier to grab and go but there's always stuff I need to transfer from 1 bag to the next or grab something out of a tote that might be needed.... Mayhem at its best.

Let's not get started talking about the boats.....


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I break it down between fly and conventional gear.
I got a few of the big three drawer plastic storage bins.
It helps keep it somewhat organized. I still have to do a once a year clean up of all the fishing stuff lying around the house and garage.
I always leave a few rods rigged up so I can be out my door pronto if I decide on a last minute trip.


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I hoard flies, especially streamers, and probably have too many rods, reels, etc. For me, the best way to organize a lot of big flies plus all my other small gear ranging from reels to tools to tippet spools and so on is to dedicate an old clothes dresser to storing it all. I use my childhood 4-drawer dresser and it fits all of it. If it starts to overflow, my rule about no overflows signals me to throw things out or sell some of it. Right now, I have 8 fly lines poised to be listed here on WFF classifieds. I also have a pair of Cliff's Bugger Beast fly boxes for most of my streamers. That model is a briefcase-sized fly box that swallows a huge number of big flies. I store them there and just pluck out what I need for a day of fishing and stick those into a smaller box.


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Organization and tidiness is for people who are too lazy to hunt for stuff. I have fishing tackle stashed in the garage, garage attic, basement dedicated fishing tackle closet, and basement storage room. I am getting lazier about the hunt and harbor intentions of getting my gear better organized. Someday.

Yeah, I always tell myself that I'll organize during the off season. The problem is, I haven't really found an "off" season to speak of.

Our house isn't huge, and storage is at a premium, so one thing we've done is buy two outdoor sheds. One is about 6' high by 3' wide, that we originally bought to keep fishing gear in. Its one of those Rubbermaid molded plastic numbers. Then a year or so later we added a bigger version of the same thing. This one is a walk in job with double doors. Its something like 7x7 inside or something along those lines. It has a ton of room, but I've already got it stuffed with gear.

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I only have 5 rods that I use. I don't fish for Steelhead because there isn't any where I live now. My flies are all 16, 18, 20 hook size so I know where they are all at.(in their fly boxes). I don't have much gear as what I have I use. I keep it all in my truck as that is what I use for fishing.


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It use to be easy. Trout and Steelhead/Salmon split. Light vs. heavy. But then I got in to having a dry fly rod for small creeks, then a dry fly rod for big water, then a lake streamer rod, a saltwater src rod, a saltwater salmon rod, a river streamer rod, and so on...see where this is going? :rolleyes: Then reels and lines to match all, then special fly wallets or boxes/containers for each. Getting out of hand now :eek:... It has become complicated....much like governement, and I find myself spending more money than I should because I already have some supplies but I lose track of it in my big complicated mix/mess web of things. I have duplicates and even trips of tippet rolls, I have flies I have forgotten about that I could easily use instead of funding for more. Only if I was more effecient then being lazy I might be able to afford a new Bauer or something interesting? Damn that sounded kinda rep...b....l......ah never mind! ;)


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Bins, racks, a label maker, and a 2200 sf shop..... I'm not allowed in the house with what the wife considers "all that crap". The dog is allowed in coated head to toe in muck after a rain storm, but i cant dry a pair of waders in the laundry room?
Rods are pretty easy. I have a master box with leaders, flies, slip shot Ect. Then I have a box for each species. Then I have a corresponding waist pack, sling pack or backpack that those items go in. It takes twice a year to re- organize them all. Oh this doesn't include all my gear rods Ect.


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Bins, racks, a label maker, and a 2200 sf shop..... I'm not allowed in the house with what the wife considers "all that crap". The dog is allowed in coated head to toe in muck after a rain storm, but i cant dry a pair of waders in the laundry room?

Maybe you should add a pair of pants to that inventory...and wear them.:)