Orvis Battenkill VI Large Arbor Reel

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I just went to the Orvis website. They rate this reel for weights 6 thru 8. When I first saw the reel, I thought that it would be great as a spey reel due to it's large size. It worked great as a spey reel. Although I used it with a Windcutter line, I could only put around 70 yards of backing on it. But since I only ever catch hatchery SH, they seldom show you backing. Has a great drag system.


Richard E

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Dave, per our discussion and agreement, I sent you the dinero just before Christmas, but the envelope returned about 10 days later ("return to sender"). I double-checked your mailing address with the telephone directory service, and I have the correct address. I called and left you a message, left you an email, with no response.

What's up? If the reel isn't available any more, whether you have changed your mind or sold it to someone else, would you please note so on this ad so myself and everyone else will know?


Hi Richard,
My hotmail address is kaput. Still unable to access it. I emailed you at least two weeks ago notifying you that I had sold the reel, and that I'd be sending your check by to you. Sorry about the mixup.

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