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I have an Orvis Battenkill bamboo flyrod serial number 44261, weight four and three-quarter ounces, length 8 1/2 2 piece, 14, line test Orvis HCH seven.
It isn't really great shape. Can anybody tell me anything about this?



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Need to edit the thread. It IS in really nice shape! I only have one tip for it, and I really want to fish it tomorrow at a local lake! The more info I can get, the better. Thanks in advance!
In my experience, the two piece Orvis rods tend to be a bit slower than the three piece rods. Smooth, easy casting medium action. That will make a super rod for streamer fishing for big trout or bass. Also makes a great rod for the salmonfly hatch on the Deschutes... (just sayin' :)) That rod will take either a weight forward or double taper seven. Some folks feel that the Orvis rods are rated too heavy, so try a couple six weight lines too and see what you like.

Being impregnated, there's no varnish to worry about, but it's still a good idea to wipe it down before storing it. I also like to pull 'em out of the tube and lay them on the table overnight when I get home. Don't twist the rod when putting it together/taking it apart. Keep the ferrules clean! Don't play fish of the tip, try and keep a nice even bend in it and use the butt. Apart from that, it's just a fishin' pole, so get it bent and have fun.

Orvis will have that serial number on file, so you can call them and get all the information as to when it was made and so forth. They can also make a second tip for it as well if that's important. Orvis rods are generally well made, and very durable. One of the better values in bamboo out there.

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You can learn more about your rod from Greg Reynold's Orvis bamboo rod database as well. You may as well register it there while you're at it, too. It's here;


BTW; some Orvis bamboo rods were only made with one tip. I have an 8' 3 piece rod that was originally made with just the one tip.
Other bamboo rods such as Winston's also were generally made with only one tip as opposed to the normal two that came with most other bamboo rods.

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thanks, Greg; found my father's Montague Sunbeam on it, and sure enough, the old man kept his in a .50 cal barrel bag too!