Orvis Days the Next Two Weekends

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    Here's my schedule of events for the two weekends of Spring Orvis Days.

    The $25 coupons are out and about!


    Saturday, May 1

    11:00AM - Derek Young, of Emerging Rivers Guide Services, will take you through a visual tour down the Yakima where you'll learn where big trout like to rest, hide and feed.

    2:00PM - Summer Fly Fishing Camp for Kids: Send your kids off to a summer fly fishing camp with Tim and Joanne Linehan, owners of Linehan Outfitting Company.

    4:00PM - Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Grande Ronde: Learn line presentation techniques in the shop at 4:00PM and a mechanics presentation on the water (weather permitting) at 6:00PM from Orvis Endorsed Guide, Mac Huff of Joseph, OR.

    Sunday, May 2

    12:00 PM - Free casting lessons

    Saturday, May 8

    11:00AM - Fly Fishing Antique Show and Appraisals: Larry Petersen and Dwight Lyons will spend the day appraising your garage sale discoveries and family heirlooms.

    2:00PM - Fly Fishing South Puget Sound from a Boat: WFF.COM Board member, Roger Stephens will show you how he has outfitted his boat, how he ties his flies and how he fishes the coves and inlets down south.

    Sunday, May 9

    12:00PM - 5:00PM - Free casting lessons