Orvis Helios Blanks?

Hello all,

Just curious if anyone knew what material the Orvis Helios rods were made out of? Is the "Helios" name its own special material made by Orvis, or....? Just a general inquiry. Thanks!

I don`t really know.These guyys are preoccupied with weight,although ACR can give them a run for their money,at a MUCH lower price too.
Orvis is known for their excellent and well deserved customer service and their educational offerings.IT`s good stuff.I`d like to try out their course in Oregon one day.

Big E

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Helios is made of graphite using a proprietary method. One size blank left at Mudhole...9' 6wt. Might be hard to come by any others as the Helios 2 is out. Could always send an email to Vermont and see if they have Helios blanks left or PM Leland Miyawaki on here.

They cast like butter.
Otisotis, I agree with what you said about the Orvis company. My buddy is an endorsed guide, loved the Helios rods, just want to build something custom that is as close to it as possible without having to put my left testicle up for bidding! More so looking for something that has similar specs to the Helios or Helios 2 that I can actually afford. Anyone know where I can find such specs or do they keeps that kind of information more "hush-hush"? Haha anyway, thanks for the info already!!!
A couple years ago I bought an Orvis Hydros blank from Mudhole. I contacted Orvis and they told me Mudhole is their only retail distributor. That was a couple years ago, and they had Helios blanks then as well.