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    Wayne you proved that an individual can make a difference!

    Thanks for your passion and becoming the "face" of OS. The tremendous investment in time and energy you gave to see OS to the finish line was impressive.

    A short report from the commission meeting on the 13th.

    The commission and Director Anderson were clearly familiar with the movement and were up to speed on many of the issues with Skagit steelhead and the complexity of fishing in this era ESA listed. The listened with interest to our presentations, both individual commissioners and the director engaged in some good discussion asking good questions. They understood the message and seemed to be satisfied with the answers they got.

    OS was complimented on both its message and fact based presentation.

    The downside was the support at the commission meeting. 4 folks beside the 3main presenters in attendance. It was probably unrealistic to hope for support to similar that from last Saturday on the river.

    In a spring in the not too distance future as anglers once again wade the Skagit in search of its wonderful steelhead I hope they can pause to give thanks to Wayne and his small group throw back 1960s style protesters that fueled Occupy Skagit.

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    And OS couldn't have made such a credible argument without you, Curt, and Steve. You guys have the science, history and experience that we could find nowhere else.

    And once again I want to thank everyone that showed up in Rockport. Because of that event and the coverage it received they knew we were coming and wanted to hear our comments. Twice we were congratulated by individual commissioners on our 'style' and I was personally thanked by one before the meeting for our efforts.

    More radio on the Outdoor Line. We got a mention by the WDFW director near the end of his segment and about a ten minute host discussion towards the end of their show. You can hear both of them here:

    At some point yesterday's meeting can be listened to here:
    I don't know how long it takes them to get it posted up, so maybe check it in a few days.

    You can cross the first step off the list!
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    Thanks Wayne, Curt, Steve, Kerry, Chris for all the hard work setting up this meeting. It's a great first step in what will be a lengthy process.

    I'm sorry I had a previous engagement and couldn't make Olympia but I was there in spirit.

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    We had a very good group - WW, SG, Curt, KerryS and Leland - along with Derek Day, Chris Johnson and Charles Sullivan all added to what we were trying to do. A couple meetings in Marysville and detailed email strings really added to what the message ended up being.

    My hope is that people understand that this is a couple of year process and fish numbers have to return to responsible numbers to have an opportunity to utilize the resource.

    I think we made an effort for the recreational CnR angler, but did it in a way that will not hurt long term recovery of wild Steelhead. I have accepted that may of the eco fish groups will not make this kind of stand for the angler - so it has to be done by anglers that want to have an opportunity to fish the waters they love and are vested in.

    I look to the next couple of years with cautious optimism, and will continue to try and do my part.

    Thanks guys, it felt right and it was fun.
    Enjoy the off season
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