Outboard Motor "brands"

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Jim Wallace, Dec 13, 2007.

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    Sometimes things aren't what they seem. I was out in my garage yesterday, contemplating my fly sled project, and I switched on the old analog TV I have hooked up to my FM antenna, and, lo and behold! Maury was on 13 (the only channel my hookup receives clearly). He was interviewing a woman who has had over $500,000 worth of plastic and cosmetic surgery done on her carcass over the years. Whether that money was wisely spent is a matter of opinion, but it got me thinking about what is really underneath the cowling on my new O/B.

    Up into 2005, the portable sized Mercurys were manufactured by Yamaha for a while. Then, in 2006, Tohatsu started making the portable sized Mercs. Tohatsu makes the Nissan outboards, also. So now you can buy a Nissan or Merc that is a Tohatsu, or just buy a Tohatsu. They are the same except for the decal/paint/name.
    One of the sales people at the dealer where I bought my motor said he thought mine was a Yamaha, since it was a 2005 model (although brand new....they were pushing these at a discount before they got any older).
    All I can find on my motor is that it was made in Japan. There is no mention of Yamaha or Tohatsu anywhere. Sneaky bastages!

    And aren't those Evinrudes really Suzukis?:confused: