Outcast Commander review.

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    I've only had one day out and it was rather bleak so I'll just start with initial impressions and add more later.

    First, the boat rows fairly well and is easy enough to cover some distance in.
    The back doesn't dig in as much as the Incepts I've had previously, but like them, rowing is best done at a moderate pace rather than flat out.
    The oar locks don't dig in when rowing and seem solid enough for my use.
    When the back does dig in or facing into a chop, water runs in through the hold in the back deck and this had caused me a re-think on my tackle bag - I'll be going to something completely waterproof.
    I realise the hole behind is necessary for an anchor mount to be fitted, but in mine I will cover it over
    to make the ride a little drier.
    The foot rests work well and have a lot of adjustment in them and at 6'4 I fit the boat well, but the space is narrow and it takes half a second to get feet up when in flippers.
    Not a deal breaker, but worth a mention when the boat os compered with open front models like the Incept.
    The seat is comfortable, but I might cut some closed cell foam to raise it a couple inches to more suit my long legs.

    When using the flippers I found the boat very easy to steer around the structure I was fishing.
    I think it's firmer than the bladderless Incepts and more solid in general.

    (will follow up with some photos soon..)