FS Outcast Pontoon Boat

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Health issues (pesky cancer) is leading me to sell my Outcast Pontoon boat. It is two years old
and in excellent condition. I bought this boat to fish the rivers in Forks for Steelhead. It is fully equiped
to handle two spey rods. Boat is stored inflated and hanging from the ceiling.

PAC 1000 Outcast Pontoon $1499
Extra Oar, Blade Rite Oar Stops, Blade Rests, Oar Tethers, Spare Oar Keeper, 12lb Pyramid Anchor.
Double action hand pump.

Total Value over $1700.00

Asking $1000.00

Call 360-710-8024



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Mike, I'd be all over this if I didn't already have a Pac1100. Somebody should jump on it as it is an awesome boat by an awesome company with great service.

I hope that your health improves quickly and that you recovery completely and are able to get back out on the water before long. All the best.
I'm spreading this one around for you amongst some people I know who may be interested or know other people who might be interested. All the best to you eh?
Hey Mike, I solicited friends via email and I just posted a link to your add on flybc.ca (British Columbia Fly fishing Forum similar to Washington Fly fishing). I know your boat as I have almost the exact same boat only mine is 1 foot longer, so I can vouch for it personally as a great craft for rivers.
Hi Doc, I'd like to buy your PAC 1000 if you still have it. I think it was Scott that told me about this on speypages. I was looking for something bigger but this should work great for a first pontoon. I left a voicemail earlier today, please call if you are interested.

Dave, Yup that was me who told you about it on speypages. I hope things work out for you and let me know how it goes. It's a sweet boat!
Buy a repair kit (a spare blader isn't a bad thing to have either, which you can buy from Outcast), and some dry bags, a good PFD, a helmet, and you'll be good to go (and cold water gear if you're drifting cold, more gnarly rivers too).
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