Owens River, CA

Check these sites out; March fishing is really getting good, April should be as well. This is the 2nd year some of these streams have been open before the April 25 general opener, and fishing is off the hook!
I will be going there March 27-31st, staying in my RV and fishing the Owens River wild trout section and maybe the East Walker. There are lots of options, just have to see what's fishing well. I am looking for someone to share a guide for a day or two. There are some good deals here, but need to book soon. Dave Neal has 2-full day trips for $600 or two 1/2 day Trips (5 hr.) for $400. I want to learn the nuances from a good local and these two come highly recommended. I have 2 Skykomish Sunrise Pontoons that you are welcome to share if you are interested. The reason I am looking for someone is my partner is recovering from wrist surgery and has burned up all their sick/vacation time.
I am a WWF member, you can check me out and look at my album for pictures of the 'toons. I'm a 55 yr young grandfather, retired Ironworker, current state of CA employee with lots of time off, thanks to our Governor giving us two unpaid days off a month. Can't gripe, I still have a job, and more time to fish. I like craft beer, single malt (in moderation), use tobacco, tolerant of most except wild fish killers and ignorance. I'vebeen fly fishing since 1968, Caught my first steelhead on the Nestucca River, 2nd on the East Fork of the Lewis. Lived on the Kenai for 10 years before moving to CA in 1986.
I know it's a long way, but you won't see this kind of trout fishing in Washington, and Montana won't have this 'till after snowmelt.