PAC 9000 pontoon boat

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Hi all,

Selling my PAC 9000 pontoon boat. It has served me well over the last two years but moving up to a multi person drifter (clacka or outcast raft). It is as good as new and includes a rod holder. Will consider fair offer but think 50% off seems appropriate. Don't have a pic but it is the same as the one on the current outcast site (red in color)
I live in Kirkland, WA and can show it if interested.

thanks, Travis
likely to have the boat on top of my car at the flyfishing meyenbauer show if anyone wants to give it a look

I am shopping for a drift boat while there so really am motivated to find it a good home :)
TWD, Looked for you at the show on Sunday, didn't see a car with a boat on top so either I missed you or you found a buyer. Hopefully you found a buyer.

hey Ron,

it's still available. Got lazy and wasn't sure where I would park it to help the cause.

I'll offer a screamin deal as I really want a multi person rig now. Ring me if interested ... taking any and all offers :)

days: 425-519-6645


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SOLD: PAC 9000 pontoon boat

Thanks Travis :thumb:

I'm sure my old man is going to absolutely love it!! Unfortunately we get to look like twins again :beathead:
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