Pacific Fly Fishers Presents Larimer Outfitters Casting Clinics June 7th

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    Outside of his guiding and outfitting business in Oregon, Tom Larimer is​
    regarded as one of the foremost Spey casting instructors in the industry. He is​
    passionate about helping anglers become better Spey casters.​
    Additionally, he is the brainchild behind Airflo’s Skagit Compact, Skagit Switch,​
    Skagit Intermediate and the Rage Compact Spey lines. His casting and teaching​
    style revolves around this family of fly lines.​
    Five Students Maximum in each class. Beginner class is from 8am to Noon. Intermediate & Advanced class is from 2 to 6pm. Cost for individual classes is $159.00​
    Beginner Spey Casting Class
    The beginner class focuses on developing fundamentals and a strong foundation​
    in Spey casting. You will learn the basics about equipment and how to cast from​
    both sides of the river using both strong and weak shoulder casts. In the end, the​
    goal is to give you a solid understanding of Spey casting and the ability to practice​
    and fish using correct technique. In addition to hands-on instruction, Tom uses​
    video coaching technology for the ultimate learning experience.​
    If you’re new to Spey casting and want to start out on the right foot, the beginner​
    class is a perfect way to begin your education.​
    Contact Pacific Fly Fishers at 425-742-2402 or register online by clicking here
    Intermediate & Advanced Casting Class
    The Advanced class will focus on advanced casting concepts that will install​
    sound fundamentals, improve distance and give you new tools to become a more​
    versatile angler. Casts covered during the clinic will include all sustained anchor​
    casts. If time allows, airborne anchor casts will be taught as well. In addition to​
    hands-on instruction, Tom uses video coaching technology for the ultimate​
    learning experience.​
    If you want to supercharge your Spey casting, you’ll appreciate this class!​
    Contact Pacific Fly Fishers at 425-742-2402 or register online by clicking here

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