Pattern Pacific Sandlance (A. hexapterus)

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Greg, Aug 25, 2002.

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    This is a very effective and durable fly for Coho that I came up with late last year. I believe it to be a pretty good imitation of the Pacific Sandlance (Ammodytes hexapterus.) Refer to for more information about Pacific Sandlance biology and distribution in Puget Sound.


    Hook: Mustad 34007 or TIEMCO 911S in either size #2 or #4.
    Thread: Danville Fine Monofilament
    Body & Tail: Long, White Northern Bucktail
    Overbody: Pearl Flashabou
    Back: Angler's Choice Angel Hair (Baitfish)
    Eyes: Spirit River Silver Prism Tape Eyes size 1.5
    Coating: Softex


    1. Wrap tying thread from behind the hook eye to just above the hook point. This will give the bucktail something to bite into.

    2. Tie a modest amount of long, soft white bucktail extending 1 ½ times the length of the hook shank and run the wraps forward from mid shank to the hook eye. This will form the tail and add bulk to the body. Trim tips and wrap over them.

    3. Tie a moderate amount of flashabou to both sides and the top of the fly long enough to reach the tips of the bucktail. Wrap the thread only as far back as just beyond where the prismatic eyes will attach.

    4. Place a small amount of Angel Hair on top to form the back wrapping the thread to form a narrow, tapered head.

    5. Place a small amount of head cement on the wraps and while its still tacky, position the eyes. Let it dry a few minutes.

    6. Coat the head and body with a smooth overcoat of Softex to about the hook point.

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  2. Rob Blomquist

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    Wow, Nice Pattern!

    I really like how the fly looks in the photo, and I want to thank you for posting it.

    I will probably tie some up soon.
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    I've been tying that same fly except red prism eyes. that pearl flashabou is some great stuff. also make a short stout version (2 in) for a larger profile but shorter in length win they feeding and wont hit the slender longer one and the cutties love the short stout one better than the longer slender one for me any ways. Ben
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    Geez - I thought you skewered one on a hook and snapped a shot! Nice fly Greg. Thanks.

    Jim W