Packwood Area

Hey all! My family and my parents are headed to Packwood July 15-20 and my dad and I are avid fly-fishermen. We prefer moving water to still water but are looking to hike and fish packwood lake. What other water is in the area that anyone would point us too. We were also looking to fish the lower Cowlitz with a guide for steelhead but the run looks pretty dismal so we are rethinking that plan. Upper Cowlitz, N.Fork Lewis, Skate creek? Any info would be greatly appreciated! PM me if you want to.




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You won't be disappointed with Packwood lake. If you can get a float tube in there, the stump field around the island can be superb dry fly fishing. The lake has lots of huge leeches in it so leech patterns cast into the structure all around the shoreline is great as well. It's absolutely beautiful to walk into. For moving water, you've got the Cowlitz right there and tons of streams to explore.
Skate creek is a good place to throw some flies just dont fish below the bridges because it is always too packed. i would start at the first bridge you come across if your driving down skate creek rd from packwood. Walk down stream and you can find some beautiful pockets. if you fish wet you can grab some good 12" bows and drys you can get 6"-12" bows.


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My family used to fish Walupt up above Packwood Lake years ago. Really need a boat for it, but it's a beautiful location. they have a ramp, camping area and pit toilet.
Thanks Guys! We will make sure and head out to Packwood Lake. Looks fun and we will have float-tubes in tow. Skate creek is tempting, but I have heard that with the stocking it has turned into a catch and kill fest, which always seems to bring out some ... interesting people. If I wanted to join in on the game and catch a few trout to cook up, where would I find the stocking reports?

I'm thinking about taking my dad over to fish the Naches one day instead of looking for the steelhead that don't appear to be in the Cowlitz. Anyone have an idea of a stretch my dad and I should concentrate on wading the Naches?


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I think I read that they are discontinuing stocking planter trout in Skate Creek, so there may not be much of a crowd. Of course there may not be any fish either. As far as I know, they are still stocking the Tilton at the park in Morton. The main hole can be crowded at times, but people tell me they find decent dry fly fishing up and downstream from there.

Not sure if the Naches is low enough yet for good fishing.