Painting Popper Heads

Big E

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I'd like to draw your attention to the art of stippling popper heads. Ron Braud was the first to introduce me to this art form and has been amazing in his sharing of knowledge to others.

Basically, it is using dots to shade. Here's an example:

This art form is also closely tied to pointillism which uses colored dots:

So here it is when applied to poppers:

Here's a very thorough manual on how you can also do this written by Ron himself. One note is that Wasatch now makes a eye paint tool set to assist in applying paint.

Using Stipple Dots to add Detail on Fly Rod Poppers and Sliders


Chad Lewis

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Big E, thank you Sir. I do like poppers, and this is great motivation. May the smallmouth of the Columbia river and it's tributaries like them too!


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Hi Big E,
Those drawings are wonderfully done and thank you for linking the resource that Ron Braud put together. That one is going into my stash of fly tying gems.

Thanks for the favorable comments about my work.

I don't want anyone to come away with the idea either fine drawing was by me.
BigE only meant the images of the drawings in his initial post to illustrate stippling.
Pen & Ink Drawing is where I first worked with the stippling technique during the
1970s. Here is one created for a series of notecards. I keep telling myself to take the
pen back up. But painting poppers still has my interest.