Panfish spawning question

Panfish generally spawn in the spring, as the water warms to their preferred spawning temperatures, but this year, I caught a bluegill, and a crappie in early Aug. and both were full of eggs. I assume it has something to do with the Summer temps this year warming up the small pool waters so fast, and as a result the fish didn't spawn. (Both fish were caught in small lakes that tend to warm up quickly anyways.) Why would the fish have had eggs in them in August? Would they have still been the eggs from spring that would have been laid if the water had stayed cool? would spawning still take place when the water cools this fall? What would the expected effect to the fish be, if they carried their eggs all summer w/o spawning---if any?
I'm not sure about crappie, but bluegill can spawn multiple times over the course of a summer. I think that they also tend to stagger their spawning times, so it may seem like there are constantly fish with eggs in them throughout the spring and summer.